Coach K on reaching his 900th win at Duke: “Well it’s a lot, it’s a lot of wins. I thank Duke for keeping me. I’ve been blessed with being at one of the greatest schools in the world. Great schools don’t necessarily always have great people in command. This school has. Whether it be Terry Sanford, Keith Brodie, Nan Keohane, or Dick Brodhead, Tom Butters, Joe Alleva, or Kevin White – all those people are sensational. I’ve never had a problem here. Ever. Ever. One time a health problem. The team at Duke has been amazing, and I think you see it even more now with football and our other sports doing so well. We’ve got a good thing going here, and I’ve been blessed to be here for over three decades to take advantage of it.” (x)


The Plumlees: Miles (Phoenix Suns), Mason (Brooklyn Nets), Marshall (Duke Basketball) and Maddie (Notre Dame Volleyball).

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